Throughout the Gojek ecosystem, we employ motion to tackle functional and design problems and to stimulate positive emotions in our users in their end-to-end product journey.

We make use of functional motion design to help solve user experience problems, improve fluidity and create a cohesive and seamless environment that makes everything easier to use in our app.


Our motion design principles aim to educate readers on how to effectively use motion for functional purposes. They suggest types or categories of actions that, when followed, will bring some soul to each element in our system.

Candid - “Having a human touch”

For any design to be objective, it needs to connect to the user emotionally and take them beyond imagination so that it feels more relatable to them.

Contextual - “Show Don't tell”

Every experience is a narrative. Intelligent motion provides feedback to the user in a manner that's aligned with how they swing the UI. Motion can capture attention and highlight an important piece of data or key UI element this brings in the user's focus.

Witty/Playful - “Being yourself“

Our Motion carries the playful and delightful personality of our brand, Being expressive brings a character to the motion, we do want the user to feel the joyful moments and be delighted and equally feel relatable towards our product.