Foundations of Asphalt Aloha

We have a set of foundational elements that form the core of our design system. These foundations have specific tokens like colour, typography, spacing, etc., that we use to build our product screens and scalable design components.



Our color tokens are consistent with our brand identity while being accessible. They allow us to switch between light and dark modes, and scale our designs to different color themes for different user types.

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We chose Maison Neue as our brand’s typeface to reflect the bold and playful personality of Gojek and throughout our digital experiences.

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We always design with the system in mind and never as individual flows. Our designs are consistent with the best system practices and any outliers should be avoided.

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With our token system for spacing, designers and developers can work with definite and scalable spacing values, instead of having to guess it out.

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In Asphalt Aloha, elevation is defined by our shadow tokens, which are created when we have surfaces blocking the light source. Our light source is placed perpendicular to the device screen.

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