Crafting a language that transcends all borders

Asphalt is Gojek's very own design language system. This is a collection of guidelines and components which can be used to create amazing user experiences. Foundations introduces you to Asphalt's principles while Components lists out the bits and pieces that make up Asphalt.


⚠️ Outdated

We are busy working on the next version of our design system. Most of the content on this website is outdated. We'll update this website when we are ready.

If you work at/for Gojek, please reach out to the designers and they'll help you out with the updated resource.

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Getting started

Get to know how we use Asphalt, our brand new design language system, to build products at Gojek.

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Our tools

Learn how we used Sketch and Abstract to implement version control system to our designs as well a step by step usage guide.

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The founding pillars

Fundamental design rules to help you create amazing user experiences with Asphalt.